Did you know email marketing is crucial for every company, big or small? In fact, the smaller the company, the more important it is!

If you understand this but just can’t find an effective email marketing company to care for your growing email database, then you are in luck. At Three60 Marketing, we offer easy, simple and affordable email marketing services.

Our solutions guarantee fast, smooth and hassle-free delivery of professional electronic mailers to 100 contacts or 100,000 contacts. In addition, your lists automatically remain updated, cleaned and optimized for healthy marketing campaigns. Our comprehensive email marketing software includes everything you will ever need to create, send, track and profit from email marketing. Wait, there’s more! It also allows you to fully automate the follow up process as well.

  • Stay In Touch
    Send a series of personalized emails to your contacts without being at the computer. Never worry about losing touch again.
  • Optimize Click Through Rates
    The system automatically does split testing and works out the best template for your list.
  • Improve Conversions
    Convert leads that open specific emails, remove inactive leads and send follow up emails when certain links are clicked. Automatically!
  • High Deliver-ability
    Invalid email addresses can be removed based on “smart bounce rules”, keeping your lists clean and relevant.
  • Stay Updated
    Know who opens your email, clicks on a link or any other activity. You and your team can now easily qualify contacts’ desire to purchase.
  • Obtain Valuable Feedback
    Create customized surveys and feedback forms that link to your email campaigns and auto-responders within minutes!
  • Increased Open & Click Rates
    Studies show that people respond better when emails address them by their first name. Three60 Email Marketing solution allows you to send out personalized content without technical knowledge.
  • Any Type of Communication
    Why stop at announcements when you can send newsletters, special offers, follow-up emails, member notifications and more!
  • Build Credibility
    Create trust through informative newsletters or titbits of valuable information. Let your readers know that you are the go-to person when it comes to that industry
  • Limitless
    Create multiple mailing lists and import all your existing subscribers without slowing the system down.
  • Recipient Friendly
    Three60 Email Marketing solution complies with email laws, using permission features such as one-click unsubscribe, reducing spam complaints

Email Marketing Free Trial offer

  • 1 Free Trial Per Company
  • Each free trial is limited to 1 Campaign of max 1000 contact list (opted-in) provided by client
  • Email content is to be provided by client and will be subjected to our company’s review
  • Three60 Marketing does offer Html EDM Design Services if required
  • Time line of project completion to be advised after submission of contents
  • Email Campaign reports will be sent 5 days after the campaign is completed
  • Unsolicited emails will be considered spam and not be tolerated and the free trial services will be suspended with immediate effect.
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